A study at the University of London has linked the onset of male pattern baldness, to environmental factors, such as pollution.

Air pollution is caused by several factors. In the GCC, some major contributors are the high levels of gas being burned by the oil industry, dust and particle emissions from the construction industry. This, combined with the high levels of traffic congestion, is why 3 of the GCC countries (Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the UAE) were named among the top 10 most polluted countries in the world by the World Health Organisation.

Airborne particles, smoke and gaseous pollution such as carbon dioxide (Co2) can settle on the scalp and hair, causing irritation, and damage.

These toxins can stop hair growing by blocking mechanisms that produce the protein from which hair is made. Pollutants get into the bloodstream, skin pores and hair follicles causing stress and impairing the ability of the hair to make new fibres.

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