Hydrogen Water System


Includes 1 shower head, 2 microfiber filters and 1 Vitamin C shower cartridge

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Hydrogen water has Negative Oxidation – Reduction Potential. It gives out extra electrons and reduces free radicals in the body. That is why it is better to drink Hydrogen Water. It helps to decrease risk of age related diseases.


  • Type – Touch Panel Screen
  • Dimension – W260*D540*H470mm
  • Voltage – AC110~240V
  • Water Supply – Hydrogen Water
  • Power – 45W (+5%/-10%)
  • Inlet Temperature – 5~40 degrees C
  • PH Value – Will not change the ph value of inlet Water
  • ORP – (-600+/-50mV)
  • H2 – Above 160ppb+10%-5% (by Miz tester)


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